A new residential project by Fakhruddin Properties uses NASA-based technology to elevate lifestyle

Innovation at Maimoon Gardens is at the forefront of the project, showing clever solutions and energy-efficient technologies to assure green living all throughout, with sustainability as its central focus.

The project will consist of two towers with the studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and will be tucked away in the desirable Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) area. Yousuf Fakhruddin indicated during their meeting that Maimoon Gardens will implement important energy-optimization technology, particularly automated smart homes.

He said: “We want to make something ultra-high tech in terms of building, at the same time amenities to reflect the luxury living that we want to provide. At the Maimoon Gardens, we have a 50 thousand square feet podium top packed with amenities. There is an infinity pool, a lazy river, a kids’ pool area, a zen garden, misting pods, multipurpose sports courts – we have not left a single corner in this building without a facility.”

These technologies are anticipated to lower carbon footprint and save up to 30% on energy at Maimoon Gardens while also improving convenience.

Maimoon Gardens’ mission and vision

Sustainability has always been a primary consideration for Fakhruddin Properties when developing new neighbourhoods and residences. To that end, they also made a vital decision to use new, cutting-edge technology to further the company’s overall goal and vision.

According to Yousuf, the Maimoon Gardens embodies the company’s vision, creating a space that cares for its residents. He said: “Fakhruddin Properties has a very clear mission and vision towards sustainable living. Our vision is to be the market leader in practical, sustainable lifestyle developments in the region. Similarly, our mission is to be a pioneer in the field of real estate development, positively influencing behavioural and cultural shifts for a healthy and sustainable future in line with the national and global climate change goal of limiting global warming to under 1.5 degrees.

“Each one of us has the intention to do something about the environment and do something towards sustainable living, but if you’ve not provided a platform, you cannot really act out the solutions. So that’s what we mean by a behavioural and cultural shift.”

He then added: “Fakhruddin Properties is currently doing seven initiatives to enhance its sustainable lifestyle. The initiatives are enhancing indoor air quality, water optimisation technology, automated smart homes, greenhouse, solar polar, waste management, and radiant cooling.”

Sustainable urban living

Waste Management Technology, which will help separate dry and wet garbage and reduce combined carbon emissions by over 1250 tonnes, is one of the Maimoon Gardens’ most notable features. All apartments will have a cutting-edge Centralised RO water technology feature designed with sustainable living in mind.

Yousuf also discussed the construction of a hydroponic farm, which will be a public area where locals may grow their own food and compost their household trash.

He stated: “Greenhouses can be brought into urban living. This is the trend we want to set with everyone. It’s not a difficult process but it adds a lot of value to a development. The whole concept of the greenhouse is to have a very lavish podium where the hydroponic farm will be managed professionally by the people. The space is meant to educate residences about growing their own food.”

He added: “Usually people shy away from doing this, so receiving help from professionals will give them the confidence to contribute to the greenhouse.”

With the use of NASA-based technology, Fakhruddin Properties will place a strong priority on each apartment’s Indoor Air Quality, Special Smart Home Automations, and optimised designs for a more comprehensively clean and healthy lifestyle with top-notch facilities.

Yousuf went on to explain why they decided to use a NASA-based technology for its overall air purifying. He said: “Our NASA-technology air purifier has been a crucial aspect in ensuring good air quality in our developments. This particular technology was actually used during man’s mission to Mars to remove ethylene gas which spoils food, and now, it is being used to remove anything carbon-based including viruses, bacteria, mould, and VOCs.”

With features like flowing waterfalls, a meditation garden, a community greenhouse with radiant cooling technology, vertical herb gardens in every apartment, and much more, The Maimoon Gardens aims to give its residents a resort-like experience while also promoting a better way of life.

The new building represents the developer’s comeback as a forceful promoter of sustainable living and meets all the criteria for clever design, thorough optimization, functionality, and general well-being.

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