All you need to know about the timings, activities, and events for ‘Hai Ramadan’ at Expo City Dubai

This Ramadan, you may enter Expo City Dubai’s ‘Hai Ramadan’ event for free and experience Ramadan festivities, which feature plenty of food vendors, activities, entertainment, and a night market.

Visitors will be able to take a tour through the Islamic globe during the celebrations, starting in traditional Emirati neighborhoods and ending in the Levant, North Africa, South Asia, and the Arabian Gulf, according to Expo City Dubai.

All you need to know is provided here if you wish to take part in the festivities.

Free entry for ‘Hai Ramadan’ at Expo City Dubai

Entry to Hai Ramadan, including the Al Wasl show and sporting activities, is free. However, visitors will be charged for workshops and games.

Additionally, ‘Hai Ramadan’ is also offering communal iftars and corporate iftars, which have to be reserved and paid for in advance.

Timings and dates for ‘Hai Ramadan’

The event will take place from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. on April 22, 2023. The workshops are the only exception; which begin at 1 pm.

Activities and Events at ‘Hai Ramadan’ in Expo City Dubai

Here’s what you can expect from ‘Hai Ramadan’:

Al Wasl Plaza will host a free family-friendly theatrical show by Expo 2020 Dubai’s official mascots, Rashid and Latifa.

The theatre show will be presented from March 24 through April 21. The drama will include English and Arabic show at 7.30 and 10 p.m., respectively.

Free Ramadan workshops for children

The festival will feature 11 Ramadan-themed events, according to Expo City Dubai’s website,

Up to 30 kids can participate in activities at once during the free workshops. The workshops are scheduled from March 23 to April 21 and start at 1 pm.

The activities include:

  1. Islamic Tile: Mosaic/Canvas
  2. Paper bag drummers
  3. Garlands
  4. Paper bag mosque
  5. My first Dua book
  6. Coffee cup décor
  7. Calligraphy
  8. Ramadan Origami
  9. Masjed Art
  10. Tasbeeh wooden beads
  11. Eid cards
  12. Paid children’s workshops for Ramadan

The kid-friendly seminars are hosted in Expo City Dubai’s Sky and Horizon Avenue’s Ramadan Market Zones. The vicinity of the Alif Mobility Pavilion includes Sky and Horizon Avenue. The workshops, which run daily from 1 pm until April 21, will feature a variety of Ramadan-themed and easy craft projects.


The workshop ticket cost can range from Dh15 to Dh40 per child.

Workshop activities list:

Sky Avenue
• Slime Lab – Slime making
• Trendy Charms – Jewellery and Charm making
• Sharabassy – Ramadan Themed Activities

Horizon Avenue
• Craft Republic – Ramadan Cookie Decorating
• Craft Republic – Tote Bag, T-Shirt, and Sign Painting

Free sports and wellness events for Ramadan

Adult sports competitions will also be held, and Jubilee Park will have a special area set aside for them with games, fitness, and wellness activities for people of all activity levels.

The Sports Fitness and Wellbeing Zone will be divided into four areas:
1. Kids Zone
2. Adult Sport and Fitness Zone
3. Wellbeing Zone
4. Foosball Zone

Despite the fact that the events are free, you must register in order to take part. You can complete the registration requirements at the location.

Giant versions of traditional games

There is an interactive area located on Ghaf Avenue, where guests may enjoy larger versions of Carom, Backgammon, and Teela, which is a traditional Emirati game comparable to marbles. There are also seating areas with board games and cards.

Free Emirati cultural performances

A selection of locally based musicians will entertain the visitors with traditional Emirati musical instruments such as Oud, Qanun, and Nay, as well as the violin and hang drum.

All of the major “Hai Ramadan” locations, which are all close to the Al Wasl Plaza area, host musical performances.

Ramadan Market

At the Expo City Dubai Ramadan night market, local sellers will sell perfumes, presents, and custom-made apparel.

Food and beverage options

Visitors will get to enjoy regional cuisine, international gastronomy, and street food vendors from local restaurants in the UAE.

Iftar Cannon with Dubai Police

Expo City Dubai, in cooperation with Dubai Police, will host one of the main cannons for Iftar during Ramadan located on Al Wasl Avenue.

The cannons are fired right before the adhan for the Maghrib prayer. As the length of the day changes during the month, so does the time for the Maghrib prayer, which also marks the conclusion of the fast. The time for Maghrib on the first day of Ramadan will be 6.35 p.m., according to Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD). On the last day of the month, the time will be increased to 6.47 pm.

Dedicated mosque for ‘Hai Ramadan’ visitors

Worshipers will have access to a designated mosque on-site for all prayers, including Isha and the later Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers, according to Expo City Dubai.

How to reach Expo City Dubai

You may get to Expo City Dubai by vehicle, taxi, bus, or the Dubai Metro.

By Dubai Metro

The easiest and most convenient method to access Expo City Dubai is to go on the Dubai Metro Red Line and take the line headed toward Expo 2020 Dubai.

By taxi

Uber or Careem are two examples of private ride-hailing apps where you may reserve a private taxi. You can reserve a public taxi using Hala Taxi or the S’hail app, both of which are run by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

By car

You can access Expo City Dubai by car from any of the main inter-Emirate roads. To go to Expo City Dubai, you must follow the instructions for Expo Road (E77).

After arriving at Expo City Dubai, you must proceed through one of the four approved parking zones, where there are roughly 9,500 parking spaces.

Here are the four parking spaces:
1. Mobility Parking zone
2. Al Dana Parking zone
3. Al Forsan Parking zone
4. Jubilee Parking zone

By Bus

The F55 bus route goes to Expo City Dubai. The second entrance to Expo 2020 Metro Station 2 is where bus F55 will stop.

How to plan your journey to Expo City with the S’hail app

Not sure whether to take a taxi or the Metro to Expo City Dubai? You can choose your mode of transportation and destination on the app. You can evaluate several routes by comparing their prices and lengths of travel.

RTA also continuously updates the bus and Metro schedules in Dubai.

The steps for using the app are as follows:

  1. Download the “S’hail” app.
  2. Click “Plan a Journey” on the app after opening it. Put in both your starting point and final destination. Both of these details can be manually entered or chosen from a map.
  3. Next, select your preferred mode of transportation by clicking the settings icon on the right side of the screen.
  4. Choose the time of departure or arrival, then click the blue “search” tab.
  5. After that, the app will show you a choice of possibilities along with information about the route, departure, and arrival times, and the fee.

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