Emirates ID: Here’s how to check if a SIM card or mobile number is registered incorrectly


Via a digital service called “Hesabati,” citizens and residents of the UAE can check for incorrect SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards under their name and access all the mobile numbers registered under their Emirates ID.

The service is offered gratis by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates (TDRA).

What is ‘Hesabati’ and how does it help?

Only those with a current Emirates ID card can access the service, which allows them to view all the mobile and landline phone numbers that have been registered with UAE telecom service providers under their Emirates ID number.

Hesabati, according to TDRA, is a digital project that aims to make sure that no SIM card is registered under a person’s UAE ID without that person’s knowledge or consent and to shield them from number misuse.

How to use ‘Hesabati’ to find mobile numbers registered with your Emirates ID

You need a UAE Pass, which is the country’s digital identity for citizens and residents, in order to utilize the service.

  1. Go to https://tdra.gov.ae/en/, the TDRA site, and scroll down until you find the “Our Initiatives” section. Under “Hesabati,” select “read more”. After that, click ‘here’.
  2. After that, log in using your UAE Pass.
  3. Then, select “Create an account”. If you choose this, TDRA and UAE Pass will make an account for you right away.
  4. The “Hesabati” service will offer you a list of all your registered fixed and active mobile phone numbers in the UAE, including Du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile, after a short period of time.

The account number, which is also the mobile number, the account type (pre-paid or post-paid), your mobile phone subscription plan, and the expiration date of your mobile phone registration, which is also the same as the expiration date of your Emirates ID, are all included in the list.

  1. If a cell number you don’t recognize appears on the list, there is probably an unauthorized SIM using your identity. If so, select “Make A Complaint” from the menu that appears under the cellphone number.

Following your selection of the mobile service provider and a brief explanation of the problem, click “Submit” to send your complaint. When you file a complaint, you will receive a reference number that will allow you to follow its development. TDRA will email you to let you know what happens next. You can also lodge a complaint by calling the TDRA call center at 800 12.

As an alternative, you can get in touch with your cell service provider directly and inform them that a SIM card registered in your name without authorization has been registered.

For Etisalat – 800 101

For Du – 800 155

For Virgin Mobile, you can get in touch with the contact center through the ‘Virgin Mobile UAE’ app, available for Apple and Android users.

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