Here are 5 violations you should be aware of if you are driving in the UAE

In the UAE, are you a new driver? If so, you should be aware of a number of rules that apply to just one document—your driving licence.

For instance, did you know that driving without your licence on you might result in a Dh400 fine?

According to Ministerial Resolution No. 178 for the year 2017 on Rules and Procedures of Traffic Control, the following is a list of all fines related to driving licences:

1. Driving with a driving licence issued by a foreign country, except in permitted cases

Dh400 fine

It is crucial to obtain a driving licence issued in the UAE if you stay there. To do this, you can either take some driving lessons to earn a UAE driving licence or change your current licence into one.

Even if you have a licence from another nation, you risk a fine of Dh400 if you don’t comply. If you are a visitor to the UAE and have a driver’s licence from a nation whose licence is recognised by UAE authorities, such as the UK and EU, you are an exemption from this regulation.

2. Driving a vehicle with a driving licence other than the one that is allowed on your licence

Dh400 fine, 12 black points

A licence granted in the UAE makes it very clear what kind of vehicle the licence holder is allowed to operate. This can be a motorcycle, a big vehicle, or a “light motor vehicle.” You risk a Dh400 fine and 12 black points if you are found operating a vehicle that is not listed on your licence.

3. Driving a vehicle with an expired driving licence

Dh500 fine, 4 black points

Vehicle impounded for seven days for light vehicles

If you don’t renew your driver’s licence, you will not only be subject to a Dh10 fine per month if it remains expired, but you could also be subject to severe penalties if you are discovered driving while your licence is still valid. You won’t just have to pay a Dh500 fine; your driving record will also have four black points and be impounded for seven days.

4. Not carrying the driving licence

Dh400 fine

If you carefully examine your licence, you will notice that it has the instruction ‘This licence should be with you when you are driving and should be presented on demand to an authorised person.’ plainly printed on the back.

Driving without your licence on you is a traffic infraction that carries a Dh400 punishment.

5. Failure to hand over a driving licence, when you’ve been penalised with the maximum black points

Dh1,000 – Dh3,000 fine

While simple traffic violations, like going a little over the speed limit or parking improperly, may result in a financial punishment, more serious offences, like reckless driving, may result in the imposition of black points on a driver’s licence.

A driver is only allowed to accrue a maximum of 24 black points before their licence is suspended and their case is heard in court.

However, you would have to surrender your licence to the authorities if you engaged in a traffic infraction that resulted in 24 black points, such as driving while intoxicated or high. If this is your first traffic infraction, failure to comply will result in a fine of Dh1,000.

If this is your second violation, the fine will be doubled to Dh2,000, and if it is your third, the fine will be Dh3,000.

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