Here’s how to renew your Dubai driver’s license in less than 10 minutes

If your Dubai driving licence has to be renewed, all you have to do is visit the local optical store where the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) conducts driving licence eye exams. You can apply for your driving licence renewal on your phone when your eye exam is finished, and you can even have the real card delivered to your house.

Have your online accounts in order

It is advised to make sure your online accounts are in order before you start. You will require both an RTA account and a UAE Pass account in order to finish this process swiftly and easily. You may set up both of these accounts on your smartphone.

Once you have both these accounts set up, you can start the renewal process.

Step 1: Get your eye test done

Visit a local optician that offers eye exams for RTA driving licence renewal. Frequently, you may see the information prominently displayed on the storefront, promoting the service they offer.

Do not forget to carry the necessary paperwork:

Original Emirates ID and a UAE driver’s licence

Ask the store if they accept digital versions of both of these documents if you don’t have the originals on hand.

Step 2: Apply for your licence renewal online through RTA Dubai app

Cost: About Dh140, while the exact amount may differ slightly depending on the service provider.

The optical specialist will update the RTA system with your test results as soon as you pay for your eye exam. Once the eye test has been submitted, you will receive an SMS on your registered cellphone number letting you know you may renew your licence.

Step 2: Apply for your licence renewal online through RTA Dubai app

  1. Click “apply for renewing a driving licence” after starting the app. The following information regarding your traffic file will be visible to you:

– Licence number 

– Date of issue

– Your date of birth

– Traffic code number

Click “next.”

  1. After that, you will receive a summary of your eye test findings and any black points on your licence that you may or may not have. Click “next.”
  2. Select a delivery method:

– Kiosk – the app will give you a map with kiosk centre locations.

– Collection – The app will list the places where you may pick up your driving licence.

If you select the courier option, you will be prompted for your address information.

You will be required to enter your phone number and email address when using eDocument.

  1. Pay the fees; the whole cost of the service will be provided.

– A driver’s licence renewal for a period longer than a year costs Dh300.

– A Dh20 knowledge and innovation fee.

– Courier fees, if necessary.

The payment can be made using Apple Pay, your DubaiNow account, a credit card, or a debit card.

Step 3: Receive your driving licence

Once you have finished the following steps, RTA will send you an email and SMS to confirm that your driver’s licence has been successfully renewed. The entire procedure is finished in less than 10 minutes.

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