Interested in exempting yourself from Emirates ID fines? You must fulfil one of these criteria

If you have postponed the renewal of your Emirates ID, you might qualify for an exemption from late fines and penalties, as stated in an online post by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP).

The authority has provided comprehensive information on how applicants can apply for this exemption, outlining the three specific situations in which they may be eligible to be exempted from the penalties.

Categories exempted from Emirates ID delay penalties

According to the International Customs and Procedures (ICP), individuals may request an exemption from delay penalties in the following circumstances:

  1. If an individual has been outside the country for more than three months and their ID card has expired after their departure, they can apply for an exemption.
  2. If an individual has been deported through an order, administrative decision, or judicial ruling, and their ID card has expired or their passport has been seized due to pending cases, they can apply for an exemption. This must be supported by a letter or receipt issued by the relevant authorities confirming the deportation or suspension of pending cases.
  3. If an individual has not been issued an ID card prior to obtaining the nationality of the country or before obtaining the family book, they can apply for an exemption.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, it is important to adhere to these guidelines when seeking an exemption from delay penalties.

Three different ways to apply for an exemption

To apply for the exemption, you have multiple channels available:

  1. ICP Customer Happiness Centres
  2. ICP’s Smart Services website – or the UAEICP app, accessible on Apple and Android devices.
  3. Typing centers that are registered with ICP.

How to apply for an exemption online?

When applying to renew your Emirates ID online, you will receive information regarding the total fees for the ID renewal, which includes any applicable delay penalties and fines.

During this process, you will have the opportunity to apply for an exemption. If you belong to any of the three categories mentioned above, you will need to provide supporting documents to substantiate your case.

After submitting your exemption request, you will receive notification via email and SMS regarding the acceptance or rejection of your application by ICP.


There is no fee associated with applying for an Emirates ID exemption.

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