Three ways to obtain a driving license without taking lessons in Dubai

In order to obtain a driving license in the UAE, individuals are obligated to undergo driving lessons and successfully pass a driving test. However, there is also an option available for those who possess an existing driving license to exchange it for a UAE driving license, while some individuals can directly proceed to the test without the necessity of taking classes.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics.

1. Driving license for Golden Visa holders

If you possess a Golden Visa, you have the privilege of applying directly for the knowledge (theory) and road tests. In a recent announcement made by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in 2022, successfully passing these tests will result in the issuance of your UAE driving license. However, it is essential to note that prior to commencing the process, you must first enroll at a driving institute in Dubai.


  • Dh200 for opening a traffic file.
    • Dh50 for the handbook manual.
    • Dh140 to Dh180 for electronic eye test.
    • Dh200 test fees.
    • Dh300 for issuing driving licence.

The overall cost can vary depending on the driving school.

2. Convert your home country’s driving license to a UAE driving license

If you are a newly arrived resident in the UAE and possess a driving license from your home country, you may qualify for a direct exchange of your previous license for a UAE license, eliminating the need for any driving classes or tests.

Documents required:

To apply for a driving license, please ensure you have the following documents:

  1. Original driving license from the countries mentioned above.
    2. If you possess a paper driving license, you must provide a letter from the consulate.
    3. Proof of passing the electronic eye test.
    4. Original and valid Emirates ID.
    5. If your license is not in English or Arabic, you must provide a legally translated version.

We kindly request that you submit all the necessary documents for a smooth application process.

How to exchange your license in Dubai

To convert your license, you can conveniently apply through the official RTA website,, and submit the required documents online. Following this, you will need to undergo an eye test at any of the eye test centers accredited by the RTA.

Once you have successfully completed the eye test, you may proceed to one of RTA’s customer service centers to obtain your brand-new UAE driver’s license.

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  • Dh200 opening a traffic file
    • Dh600 for issuing the licence
    • Dh50 for the RTA handbook
    • Dh20 Knowledge and Innovation fees.

3. ‘Golden Chance’ driving test

If you do not possess a Golden Visa and hold a valid driving license from a country that is not eligible for conversion, there is still an opportunity for you to obtain a driving license without the need for lessons.

The RTA’s ‘Golden Chance’ initiative offers expatriates the chance to undergo a knowledge test and road test without the requirement of attending lessons.

Previously, if your license did not qualify for automatic conversion, you were obligated to complete the lessons before taking the test.

Upon successfully passing both the knowledge and road tests, your driving license will be issued to you.

However, if you happen to fail either of these tests, you will be required to follow the standard process for acquiring a license, which includes theory and practical lessons.

Note: The ‘Golden Chance’ initiative provides expatriates with an alternative route to obtaining a driving license, bypassing the traditional lesson-based approach.


According to the official RTA website, the estimated total cost for obtaining a driving license is Dh2,000. However, it is important to note that the final price may vary depending on the specific details of your driving license and the driving school you choose.

It is worth mentioning that the RTA website provides a general estimate of the overall cost involved in obtaining a driving license. This estimate serves as a helpful guideline, but it is crucial to consider that additional factors can influence the final price.

One such factor is the specific details of your driving license. Different types of licenses may have varying costs associated with them. For instance, if you are applying for a commercial driving license, the fees may differ from those for a regular private license.

Furthermore, the choice of driving school can also impact the final cost. Different driving schools may have their own fee structures and additional charges for various services. It is advisable to research and compare different driving schools to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

To ensure accurate information regarding the final cost, it is recommended to contact the RTA or the chosen driving school directly. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date and precise details regarding the expenses involved in obtaining your driving license.

By considering these factors and seeking the necessary information, you can better prepare yourself financially for the process of obtaining a driving license in the UAE.

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